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The minimum grant request amount is $25,000
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Does the proposed program serve at least 51% of an underserved population?
Are the percentage of people served by the proposed program at least 51% Black/African American?
If the percentage served by the proposed program is less than 51% Black/African American, what underserved group(s) comprise at least 51% of the people served by the program:

American Indian or Alaska Native
Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
Other (Please Specify Below)



Describe your organization, its services, and target population.
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Identify the challenge(s), opportunity(ies) or need(s) your proposal is seeking to solve.
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Explain your proposed solution, and how it meets the identified needs and/or challenges.
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List goals, objectives and evaluation metrics for your proposed project.
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Please advise how you will sustain funding and support beyond the grant award.
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Identify any partnerships or collaborations established to support/meet your identified need(s).
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In addition to providing the information in this form, please include with your request the following attachments. Failure to include the listed attchments will result in your application being declined and having to restart this process.

  1. Proof of the organization’s 501(c)(3) status (designation letter/form)
  2. Organization’s current fiscal year budget
  3. Budget for the proposed project with narrative detailing planned expenditures
  4. List of current Board of Directors
  5. Annual report or related document, if applicable
  6. Most recent IRS form 990
  7. Two Letters of recommendation

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I hereby certify that the aforementioned and enclosed information is complete and accurate and that the organization is in full compliance with all applicable laws, statues, ordinances, rules and regulations of any applicable governmental authority, including laws prohibiting support of terrorism.

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